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Whether you own a generator or diesel equipment, you know the importance of keeping your investments running smoothly. At Diesel Filtration Systems, we understand your concerns and we’re committed to providing our customers with a proven filtration solution.

All diesel tanks are susceptible to bacteria growth, dirt particles, and condensation. Tiny particulates are extremely abrasive to your engine’s components, resulting in premature engine wear. Condensation forms water droplets, which encourages the growth of algae.
If your storage tank is steel, conditions are ideal for rust to form. These harmful deposits could lead to equipment failure and costly repairs. Since it can take several vehicles to transport your fuel, impurities can also come along with the fuel. We have developed a proven filtration system to combat these issues.

Our Solution

The DFS 7200 filtration system

Our exclusive process is a state-of-the-art, effective method for removing water and harmful contaminants from virtually all diesel fuel and diesel storage tanks.

How It Works

Fuel is diverted through our specially designed multi-stage filtering system, while water is collected on a separator, clean fuel is then returned to the tank. Burning clean fuel produces optimum performance, improves fuel consumption and extends the service life of the engine. The results are dramatic and these benefits can mean significant savings for you. Best of all our unique filtration process works on vessels, heavy equipment, generators and diesel storage tanks.

At Diesel Filtration Systems, we measure our success one satisfied customer at a time. Give us a call and we’ll schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Where Does the Problem Originate?

The problem originates from many sources including the fuel itself. Required vents in the tanks also the floating roofs allow air, water, and dust to enter the tank’s environment. Ground seepage, portable lines or cross-contamination between systems as well as human error or procrastination all contribute. There are ways to attack the problems, but the current methods are only temporary. Keeping stored fuel clean is a process and without constant attention, the contamination cycle repeats itself.

The most common remedy is fuel polishing. Polishing works in theory by pumping fuel from the tank through filtering equipment brought on site. It must be done routinely and has its drawbacks. Most polishing systems operate from hoses dropped to the bottom of the storage tank. The supply and return lines are in the same

Additives are also another remedy. Additives are biocides and are similar to “antibiotics” that kill fuel bacteria. Similar to human antibiotics, the right one must be used for each microbial, in the proper amounts and at proper intervals. Improper application is like stopping a human antibiotic treatment after a few days. The germs are still there and will increase immediately. Some biocides are water-soluble and actually breakdown what is causing a problem. Even when successful, the effect of additives alone is only temporary and will not eliminate the sludge problem.

Clean fuel is more efficient, burns safely and is kinder to the environment.

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Fuel tank cleaning, fuel management, fuel tank polishing, diesel scrubbing, generator repairs, and boat repairs – we do it all. We work on emergency backup generators, diesel generators, diesel tanks, commercial generators, stand by generators, diesel standby generators, boat maintenance generators, and more.

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